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I am writing a Warriors fan fiction and my posts will be what I have gotten on it thus far. If you read this and like what you see, feel free to give me ideas on characters or even just the story board. And I know that a lot of people have created their own Clans, but these are the ancient ones including Shadow, Thunder, Wind, River, and yes, Sky.

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If you want to go to my user page on this Wikia, please click here. If you think there is anything I should add on there (other than pictures and other media because my computer won't allow it >.<), please feel free in telling me!


The Prologue

Chapter One (not yet complete)

Blazefur's Biography

Hi! My name is Blazefur and I am currently the deputy of ShadowClan. My leader Icestar, is a wonderful leader and was my mentor when I was an apprentice. What an honor it is to see him become leader after our great leader that started it all for us: Shadowstar. I am a red she-cat with orange ears, paws, and tail tip and I have deep blue eyes. My mate, Lightningstreak (who is VERY handsome), is a dark gray tom with a streak of yellow running down his side. I had a wonderful kit with him and named him Crowkit, who is now Crowpaw, and is bound to be named a warrior any day now! I am best friends with Twotails, who is a black and white tom with his tail split in two at the top. His mother, Speckledneck, suckled me when I was a new-born kit because my mother had died kitting me.

My father, Heatstorm, was a brave and noble RiverClan warrior. Or, that's what I've heard. I've never particularly liked him myself, but that doesn't mean I can use that against him. I've never seen him in a battle, so I can't say. He had a bright red pelt and had green eyes. My mother was of ShadowClan and was named Blazeheart. She had a ginger pelt with the same deep blue eyes I have now. Like I said above, she had died kitting me, so I've never met her. Maybe someday in StarClan.

When I was a kit and apprentice, the apprentices and even some warriors questioned me and my loyalty to ShadowClan because of my half-Clan heritage. Even though I've proved my loyalty time and time again, they still don't fully trust me. If they can't see past my father being a warrior of RiverClan, then they are fools. But I can't complain too much. Most of my Clan has accepted me and I have great friends.

Although my father was of RiverClan, I am a loyal ShadowClan cat through and through and look forward to watching over this great Clan!

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